Primary School in Ziway

Children entered the grounds of the Ziway Primary School on September 15, 2010, as the first students to sit in the new desks, play on the soccer field and learn about Jesus at the flagpole. Government sponsored and private schools operate in Ziway, but limited resources create overcrowded classrooms with supplies that are in short supply and rationed.

Additionally, our aim is to give priority to enrolling the orphaned and vulnerable children. Thus, these students, who often would not have the money to afford their uniforms, exercise books, pens, etc. now got first chance at a really good education.

Misgana Ministries in partnership with Lifesong for Orphans worked with the local Meserete Kristos Church to expand the church’s existing school. Land was obtained from the mayor’s office and a new, high quality facility was built. Additional grades were added to provide opportunities for learning for more children.

The campus has a dining facility for the meal program where each student is provided a nutritious breakfast and lunch each school day.

Although the school began the first year with grades one through five, an additional grade was added each year to the point where we now have students through eighth grade at this campus. There are two classrooms for each grade.

The beautiful new two-story building provides adequate space for a computer lab, a well-stocked library, science laboratory, and offices for the teaching staff.

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