Ziway Preschool and Kindergarten

Misgana Ministries purchased land for and built a new facility to teach approximately 200 of Ziway’s youngest children. Pre-school and kindergarten students learn to read and write in the six classrooms that occupy ¾ of an acre on a beautiful piece of land dotted with acacia trees. Facilities on this property near Lake Ziway also include a dining facility, offices, and library.

We have two classes in each grade because of a government requirement that we must teach native Oromo speakers and native Amharic speakers each in their own language. This arrangement lasts all the way through eighth grade. When the students go to high school they are taught in English. This is why we also start teaching English beginning in Nursery School.

Students attending the Misgana Ministries pre-school enjoy breakfast and lunch each school day through the meal program.

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