School Meal Programs

Students in both Ziway and Adami Tulu begin the school day with fafa, a hot porridge that provides nutrients specifically formulated for growing children. The school kitchens also serve lunches with a menu that rotates between traditional Ethiopian injera with wat and other new foods intentionally chosen to expand the children’s exposure to healthy food. Misgana Ministries’ schools are unique in the provision of these meals. Other local schools do not offer meal programs.

All children, regardless of family income level receive breakfast and lunch, thus providing meals they probably would not receive otherwise. Through careful planning Misgana Ministries is able to feed each student for less than 30 U.S. cents per day.

We are often thanked by family members of our students for providing meals. With their children eating at school it makes available more food at home for other family members. In addition, some students tell us that the food they eat at school sometimes is the only food they get.

Students are not the only ones to benefit from the meal programs. The work involved in meal preparation and serving creates jobs for many women who may have difficulty finding other ways to provide for their families. In addition, the school staff (teachers, administrators, guards, finance staff, etc.) also receive their meals free of charge.

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