Samuel's Home

Many orphans and homeless kids live in hopeless conditions in Ziway and the surrounding area. These children often beg on the street for even discarded morsels of food and live in horrible conditions.

With an intense desire to provide a home for these hurting kids, Misgana Ministries opened a home for vulnerable children in 2011. Although Christian house parents take care of day-to-day concerns and provide the loving family environment, Gary and Peggy consider this to be an extension of their own home, and are perceived by the kids as “grandparents.”

The original Samuel’s Home was a rented compound with four “service quarter” rooms which had served as living quarters for four different family units. We built an additional house on that compound which contained a living area, dining room, a modern kitchen, a storeroom, and a laundry (with an automatic washing machine!)

After we got that compound ready to receive kids, God brought to us Kasim and Megertu, loving parents who prayed about, and then agreed to be the Home’s “mom and dad.” Following that, various people brought ten orphaned (and very vulnerable) children—six boys and four girls—without any public announcement on our part. They all came in quick succession, and each had a very unique story. Most came from very difficult backgrounds.

We had a requirement that the caretaker of each child had to get a court order and the approval of the local government to come to our home, so that there would be no question about our legal guardianship. After a period of time, we decided that they had become a solid family unit and that there would be no more children added and none would be adopted out (although there were requests to do so).

Kasim and Megertu have had three biological children, so they are now raising thirteen children. In addition there are a cook and two caretakers.

It has been a wonderful, gratifying experience to watch these children from so many different backgrounds and three different language groups gel together as one big happy loving family. The Samuel’s Home children truly consider the other children their brothers and sisters. God has abundantly blessed this work.

By 2016, the Samuel’s Home family was straining the capacity of the original compound. So when Gary and Peggy moved back to the U.S., they moved the parents, kids, and staff into the home they had vacated. It seemed a perfect fit, one which God had orchestrated.

Part of Samuel's Home Where the houseparents and children live and sleep The boys' room

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