Misgana Ministries High School

As our eighth graders continue to graduate without a Christian high school option, it was decided to investigate the possibility of constructing our own Misgana Ministries High School.

We received approval from the Ministry of Education to establish a high school in Ziway after a somewhat lengthy process. The next major step was to acquire land. After considerable delay and shuttling back and forth between government offices, we received a prime parcel of land right along the main highway through town.

It was a challenging process to finally obtain legal rights to the land. We have drawn up a site plan and blueprints for the various classroom buildings, laboratory building (biology, physics, chemistry, and computer), library, dining hall, and administration building.

As of now the construction and development of the high school is on hold because of the lawsuit by the Meserete Kristos church against Misgana Ministries. We feel very badly, because we continue to graduate eighth graders who either drop out of schooling or have to go to the government schools, where the quality of education and the social environment is not so good.

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