Evangelism Outreach

In the predominantly Muslim and Orthodox Christian area where Misgana Ministries works, sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ remains at the top of our priority list.

In partnership with Ethiopian pastors and evangelists who passionately spread the gospel, Misgana Ministries supports evangelistic efforts in Ziway, Adami Tulu, Meki, and other villages surrounding Ziway. This support has included paying pastor and evangelist salaries, purchasing Bibles, supplying furniture for the churches, training the workers, and supporting special outreach ministries such as providing the equipment for showing the Jesus Film.

Hussein [name changed], an evangelist friend of Misgana Ministries, gave his life to Jesus after studying everything he could find about Him in the Koran and then praying with a local pastor. After his conversion, Husseinís father took his wife, children, and house from him, and gave them to his older brother. His family made plans to kill him and declared he no longer existed in their eyes.

This intense suffering made Hussein even more fervently love Jesus and His sacrifice for mankind, and fanned his passion to bring as many to salvation as possible. We are excited to partner with Hussein and others like him, as they focus on planting churches and witnessing to the lost.

The Ethiopian government guarantees freedom of religion and does a fairly good job of enforcing that right. However, with people from these from the three major religions (Protestant, Islam, and Orthodox), along with some minor ones, such as nature worshippers, living as neighbors to each other, there often is tension. Only the love of Jesus can bridge those differences. We want to do our part to show this love to the people of our community.

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