Bochessa Bridge

The new bridge connecting the village of Bochessa with the town of Ziway changes everyday life for many Ethiopians. Villagers now have easy access to medical care, markets, education, and transportation. Before the strong cement bridge existed, crossing the Bulbula River could only be done by crossing a slippery bridge made of eucalyptus poles or by simply wading through the deep and swiftly flowing river. These dangerous methods of getting across cost many lives and loss of goods and supplies that fell into the murky waters.

Ziway church leaders presented Misgana Ministries with the proposal to build a bridge to this village and with financial assistance and encouragement from Loving Shepherd Ministries, the bridge became a reality. This bridge provides a safe way of crossing for hundreds of people and allows the church to minister more effectively to the Bochessa people who are primarily Muslim and Orthodox.

Crossing the Bochessa River on market day prior to the completion of the new bridge. Crossing the Bochessa River during rainy season with the river at its peak.

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