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Many families in Adami Tulu, a very poor village eight kilometers south of Ziway, did not have the opportunity to send their children to school. Misgana Ministries is in the process of developing a campus to handle classes up to Grade 8. We already have children in nursery, kindergarten, and first through fourth grades.

Several years ago, the Meserete Kristos Church of Adami Tulu opened a small pre-school close to the main highway running from Addis Ababa to Kenya with the capability to accommodate one classroom. But soon after opening, the school was closed due to lack of funding.

Misgana Ministries obtained the funding to help the church retain its prime land and also re-open the school. After maintenance and improvements were completed, the school began classes again in 2010. The one large classroom was divided into two.

In order to provide education space for the children as they moved up in grades, generous donors working with Lifesong for Orphans sponsored building four additional classrooms in 2011, bringing the total number of classrooms to six. Due to the additional space, more children were enrolled and classes added.

By the next year, 2012, again we were out of space so Lifesong again sponsored a building with four classrooms. This allowed us to handle two classrooms each of each grade from Nursery up to first grade.

We have two classes in each grade because of a government requirement that we must teach native Oromo speakers and native Amharic speakers each in their own language. This arrangement lasts all the way through eighth grade. When the students go to high school they are taught in English. This is why we also start teaching English beginning in Nursery School.

And, since all classrooms were again filled, in 2013 we built a nine-room classroom building that also contained an office, a library, and a staff room along with six classrooms. This allowed us to accommodate two classrooms of each grade up to fourth grade and approximately 490 students.

Along with the nine-room classroom building, we also constructed a large dining hall, in which each student receives breakfast and lunch each school day.

In addition to the above, Misgana Ministries has purchased two expansion properties to the south of its present campus. Having that additional land will allow us to build another school building to accommodate grades 5 through 8, a science laboratory, a library, a computer lab, a pedagogical center, and offices.

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