Get Involved - Pray

Children often prove to be our most effective evangelists. We trust the gospel message and Bible verses our students hear every day will change their lives as well as those of their families and neighbors. In spite of opposition we intend to fearlessly proclaim Godís love and plan of salvation to our students.

The schools provide jobs for many teachers and staff. As we relate with one another, please pray that God will unite us and our work will glorify the Lord.

We are currently under attack by some leaders of the church which formerly partnered with us, due to their envy of our success and their greed. They have sued us in court to take our land and buildings from us. This has curtailed our plans for building and expansion and has taken away opportunity for advanced education for our students.

Please pray also for our children in Samuelís Home and the house parents, Kasim and Megertu. Our aim is to raise these formerly orphaned children to be leaders of Ethiopia with solid moral standing.

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