I'm Just an Illinois Farm Boy
Gary Ifft, president and co-founder of Misgana Ministries wrote a book “I’m Just an Illinois Farm Boy” documenting his missionary journey. In the book Gary tells about his experiences from his first awareness of the concept of missions to the establishment of a successful mission organization called Misgana Ministries in Ethiopia.

Using an abundance of intriguing stories Gary recaps the journey he and his wife Peggy have traveled. From childhood through a successful corporate career and on to Ethiopia, Gary recounts the ways God directed his steps. After working with Wycliffe Bible Translators and administering two hospitals, Gary and Peggy now are involved full-time in the oversight and operation of Misgana Ministries.

How to Obtain a Copy

Copies of Gary’s book are available at the Misgana Ministries U.S.A. office address. You will receive a copy of the book for any donation to the work of Misgana Ministries. If you wish to simply receive a copy of Gary's book, please use the Paypal "Donate" button on this page, or send a suggested donation of $12 (for book and postage) for each copy you order.

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