Our Story

In 2000, Gary and Peggy Ifft answered God’s call to serve Him overseas as missionaries. Even though they had felt this desire for many years, they waited until it became clear that the timing was according to God’s plan. Willing to serve in foreign missions wherever God placed them, Gary and Peggy joined Wycliffe Bible Translators intending to use the administrative skills Gary acquired from working at State Farm Insurance for 26 years.

In January 2001, they moved to Addis Ababa, to work at Wycliffe’s Ethiopia headquarters. After 2 ½ years with Wycliffe Gary and Peggy pursued their desire to work even more hands-on with the people of Ethiopia by serving with Project Mercy in the Ethiopia countryside. That work involved opening and running a modern hospital for four years. When the commitment to that project ended, they moved back to Addis Ababa and served at the Korean Hospital in administration for nearly two years.

God’s latest calling on their lives took them to the rural community of Ziway in 2009. It is there that Gary and Peggy established Misgana Ministries. This organization spreads the Good News of Jesus Christ through many aspects of ministry including education, care for vulnerable children, evangelism, and other projects in the interest of the community and children.

After leading Misgana Ministries from Ziway for eight years, Gary and Peggy moved back to the U.S. in August 2016. They have turned the administration of Misgana Ministries to Zebdeos Samuel as Country Representative in Ethiopia. Gary and Peggy keep in daily contact with the leadership in Ethiopia and visit Ethiopia personally multiple times a year.

Gary and Peggy’s entire story is documented in more detail in the book Gary wrote, “I’m Just an Illinois Farm Boy.”

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