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Misgana Ministries heeds Godís call to minister to the people of Ethiopia. Our ministry includes education, caring for vulnerable children, school meal programs, evangelism, and other outreach ministries in the communities we serve.   Student Sponsorship

For just $34/month, you can sponsor one of the kids at the Ziway or Adami Tulu schools and ensure they get the incredible education, spiritual mentoring, and food they need to break the cycle of poverty. Many of these children are orphans and all are vulnerable, facing the poverty and difficulties of life that a child should not have to endure.

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Thank you for your kind support!

Due to what Misgana Ministries feels is a totally groundless lawsuit over land title issues brought against us by the church that once partnered with us, we have had to unfortunately place three projects on hold for the presentóthe High School, the Adami Tulu 5th through 8th Grade School, and the Ziway Dining Hall expansion at the Primary School. Other than those projects, no other part of the work and mission of Misgana Ministries is affected.

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